CalScale reviews

  • After having a baby, I found I was always kneeling on the playmat to play with her and my knees became incredibly dry.

    I tried many different moisturisers but nothing was working. I tried CalScale cream and after one week the dryness was gone!

    Very happy with the results so far. Excellent cream for dry flaky skin.


    Natalia M
    CalScale Customer

  • I have been using this cream for a week now and have noticed a big difference. I have rough workers hands and they are much softer, less calloused and a lot of the cracks have healed already.

    Very happy with the cream and price.


    Barry F
    CalScale Customer

  • Congratulations Enlimb on your wonderful cream 'Calscale', not only is it light to the touch it isn't scented and is absorbed quickly by the skin where it has achieved more than I had expected of it.

    I started using 'Calscale' in January this year, applying it once daily after a shower. I have tried different skin treatments over the last 5 years under the guidance of a Dr at a Melbourne Skin Clinic, all treatments were to improve sun damaged skin and to lessen the chance of skin cancers.

    Treatments such as Efudex ( very bad reaction) Aldara (some improvement). One was an in house treatment where creams were applied to my legs, I then sat with legs in the sun for 3 hours, legs were then washed and the treated areas moisturised all for minimal if any improvement.

    So you can imagine the joy I had when I started using 'Calscale' and noticed a definite improvement in my skin, an evening of the skin tone, what had been blotchy redness is now a far more natural even skin tone, still old man skin as I am 70, but looks much improved.

    This is the best result I have had with any of the creams or skin treatments I have tried. I have been wearing long sleeves for over 10 years now to cover the red blotches on my arms but with the improvements I have had with 'Calscale' I now feel comfortable wearing a T-shirt again.



    Trevor J. Warring
    CalScale Customer

  • As a podiatrist with over 35 years of experience servicing the feet of of Melbourne, I have seen it all when it comes to foot conditions.

    With over 20 patients a day, I can confidently say that 90% of them suffer from dry feet conditions. That's why I am proud to recommend CalScale dry skin cream to all my clients.

    CalScale is a clinically proven formulation of Urea and Lactic Acid that works wonders on dry, cracked, scaly, and flaky skin conditions caused by the elements, vigorous exercise, or the aging process.

    My clients and I love CalScale because it simply works! It is a reliable solution that delivers results every time.

    If you are suffering from dry feet conditions, I highly recommend giving CalScale a try. It is a game-changer that will leave your feet feeling soft, smooth, and healthy. Trust me, as a podiatrist with decades of experience, I have seen the difference CalScale can make, and I am confident you will love it too.


    George Lapsanas

    Level 6, Trak Centre
    443-449 Toorak Road
    Toorak VIC 3142