CalScale 10%/5% w/w cream

Urea 10% w/w
Lactic acid 5% w/w

Read this information carefully before you start using this cream.

Instructions for use:

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1. What is CalScale cream used for?
This cream is for use as a moisturising cream for the treatment of dry, rough, scaly and flaky skin such as eczema and similar conditions.
The active substances in CalScale are urea as a moisturiser, and
lactic acid, which acts as a softener and remover of dead skin cells.
These ingredients help make your skin soft and supple.

2. What you need to know before you use CalScale cream:
Do not use CalScale if you are allergic to urea or lactic acid or any of the other ingredients listed in the ingredients section on the box.
Please seek immediate medical attention if you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction. Signs or symptoms of a severe allergic reaction may include a rash with or without itching, swelling of the face, eyelids or lips and difficulty in breathing.

Warnings and precautions:-
Avoid contact with eyes, eyelids, lips, mouth and other mucous surfaces such as the genitals. Upon accidental contact, rinse the affected area with clean water.
CalScale may cause stinging if applied to sensitive areas of the body such as the mouth or nostrils.

Other medicines and CalScale:-
CalScale might interfere with other medicines applied to the skin such as:
5-fluorouracil (Effudix), used to treat skin conditions such as horny growths of the skin (keratoses) and some skin cancers.
Dithranol which is used to treat skin cancers.

Do not apply CalScale cream to your chest if you are breastfeeding.

3. How to use CalScale cream:
Always use this cream exactly as described in these instructions/leaflet.

CalScale cream is for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

-First gently wash and dry the affected areas of your skin.

-Apply a thick layer over the affected areas. Do not rub it in yet.

-Leave it on your skin for 3 to 5 minutes, then rub it in gently.

-Wipe off any excess cream with a tissue (do not wash it off).

-This cream should be used in this way twice a day, or as advised required, ideally after washing.

-If you need to use CalScale on your feet, soak them in water for 7-15 minutes and then dry them with a rough towel before use.
The best time to apply to your feet is before bed. You can leave a thick layer of cream on the feet and cover with a cotton sock for the night.

How long you will have to use CalScale cream will depend on how quickly your condition improves.
If you accidentally swallow any of the cream contact your doctor.
The ingredients however, are non toxic.

If you use CalScale cream and stinging occurs, wash the cream off with water. However, CalScale usually relieves pain and is safe to use on cracked skin.

If you forget to use CalScale:
Do not worry if you forget to use your CalScale cream. However, it is most effective if used twice daily.
After improvement you can use it less frequently or as required.
For skin conditions that are chronic, such as eczema or inherited such as ichthyosis, regular use is recommended.

4. Possible side effects:
Like all agents, side effects can occur.
Although not everybody will experience any side effects, redness or stinging should mean cessation of use.
CalScale may cause stinging if applied to raw areas on the skin such as injuries, blisters or burns.
If stinging occurs, wash the cream off with water.

Reporting of side effects:-
If you get any side effects contact us via the website

5. How to store CalScale:
Keep CalScale cream out of the sight and reach of children.
Do not store above 30 degrees celcius. Do not refrigerate or freeze.

What CalScale contains:
The active substances in CalScale cream are urea and lactic acid. Each gram of CalScale contains 100mg of urea and 50mg of lactic acid.
CalScale is a white cream. It is available in 100g tubes.
Ingredients are listed on the tube.

To download or print these instructions
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