CalScale combines scientifically proven, Urea and Lactic Acid to moisturise and nourish rough, flaky, scaly or just dry skin

If you're looking for an effective way to restore moisture to your dehydrated, dry, flaky, scaly or rough skin, then CalScale cream is the perfect choice.

It is specially formulated with nourishing ingredients to help soothe, hydrate, and protect your skin.

CalScale helps to deeply hydrate the skin and lock in moisture to relieve the tight, itchy feeling that comes with dry skin. Plus, it's free from harsh chemicals, so you can feel good knowing you're taking care of your skin in the best way possible.

Calscale was formulated with a variety of users in mind regardless of age or athletic ability.

Try CalScale cream today and say goodbye to dry, uncomfortable skin!

As we age, the natural moisturisers in our skin, Lactate and Urea, decrease. To help counter this natural process, CalScale contains Urea and Lactic Acid to help nourish and rehydrate dry skin.

A word from our founder:

As a working professional, it's important, regardless of age to look and feel good. As an avid cyclist with daily exposure to the elements, combined with the aging process, I was always on the look out for a dry skin moisturiser.

In 2017, my Podiatrist introduced me to a dry skin cream called Calmurid. A combination of urea & lactic acid and it worked wonders on my skin, so much so, I became a devotee. However, to my disappointment, the cream was withdrawn in 2019 and no longer in production.

Sheer frustration with other dry skin creams on the market left me determined to make my own cream and the journey began.

Late 2022 CalScale was launched. Relying on ‘the science’ which is well established, that, the combined effect of urea and lactic acid really works on rough, dehydrated, flaky and scaly skin, CalScale was born! - Dr Peter Y Milne (Co founder CalScale).